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On behalf of the hard-working women and men of SEIU Virginia 512, welcome to our website. Our members are home care providers, Loudoun County employees, Fairfax County employees and the employees of the Fairfax Office of the Sheriff, dedicated to delivering quality services to Virginia families. We help older adults and people with disabilities lead healthy and active lives in their homes and communities. We keep our communities safe and secure, working as fire marshals, building inspectors and civilian police staff. We help children learn and play as librarians, community center workers and park staff. We deliver the quality, cost-effective services that Virginia residents and small businesses rely on; and we advocate for good jobs for everyone.

To our members, we say welcome to your union. We invite you to explore and determine how you want to get more involved We hope to hear from you soon. To our fellow Home Care providers, Fairfax County, Fairfax Office of the Sheriff and Loudoun County employees, we ask you to join your co-workers in SEIU Virginia 512. And to our fellow Virginians and community members, we invite you to partner with us in advocating for quality public services, quality jobs and quality communities. Only by working together, can we ensure a better Virginia for all.

David Broder, President
Karen Conchar, Secretary-Treasurer

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