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Welcome to the page for Fairfax County members of SEIU Virginia 512. Questions? Need assistance? Call your union at 571-432-0209 or email info@seiuva.org

March 2021 Updates

(1) Budget Update: Fairfax County Proposes Freezing Pay for 2nd Straight Year — Make Your Voice Heard Today! Last week, Fairfax County released the draft FY 2022 budget (read more here), which proposes freezing our pay for the second year in a row. That would mean no merit raises, no longevity raises, no MRAs and no living wage increases, even after those raises were stripped from last year’s budget. We’ve heard from lots of union members about the budget proposal, and we want to make sure we hear from YOU! Take 2 minutes to complete our budget survey to let the Board know what you need on the job. It’s not too late for the Board of Supervisors to make changes, so make your voice heard and take the survey today.

(2) Moving Closer to Collective Bargaining! While we advocate for a fair budget, we know that the only way we can guarantee raises, benefits, safe workplaces and quality services is through collective bargaining and an enforceable contract. To get there, we first need the Board of Supervisors to pass an ordinance granting county employees the right to bargain over pay, benefits and working conditions. Last month, our union participated in two meetings with the county’s collective bargaining workgroup, giving our input and sharing best practices from our union family across the country. Now, we’re calling on the Board to pass collective bargaining so we can have a real seat at the table. Join us by signing the petition for raises and collective bargaining: HERE.

(3) Open Enrollment for Exclusive Union Member Benefits: March 1 – April 15. As a union member, you have access to exclusive benefits, including short-term disability, life insurance with long-term care, Aflac accident, hospital, critical illness and term life insurance. Read more here. To review the plans, ask questions, and set up a meeting with our benefits counselors: click here. Open enrollment lasts until April 15, and the effective start date is May 1.

(4) Join the March 10th Membership Meeting! To get the latest updates on pay, benefits and collective bargaining, don’t miss the March Union Membership Meeting on Wednesday, March 10 from 12 noon – 1 pm on Zoom. Email info@seiuva.org to get the Zoom link or phone number.


Fairfax County Employee Coronavirus Information: For the latest info for employees (paid leave, telework, etc.), see:

IMG_8424The Fairfax County Government Employees Union Chapter of SEIU Virginia 512 is a diverse and engaged union of  more than 2,000 general county employees from across Fairfax County. We do many different types of jobs, ranging from social workers to maintenance workers, librarians to mental health staff, and more.

Our union was founded by county employees in 2006 to have a strong voice on the job, and to win the same respect that teachers and public safety employees have enjoyed. In that time, we have won real raises, ended unfair pay systems, saved our pensions, made our worksites safer, created jobs and more.

Fairfax members pride ourselves on being solution driven and on working with the county to deliver quality public services during difficult economic times.

The union members who serve on the Fairfax Executive Board are:
Tammie Wondong, President
Natalie Nguyen Woodruff, Vice President
Jen Parker, Secretary
Ricky Brown, Director
Brenda Butler, Director
Norm Hall, Director
Tamica Wells, Director

The Union’s Constitution and Bylaws can be found here: Fairfax County Government Employees Union Constitution and Bylaws (updated bylaws, approved by membership vote August 12, 2020).

For more information about the union and our efforts to win Quality Jobs and Quality Public Services in Fairfax County, please contact the union by phone at 571-432-0209 or by e-mail at info@seiuva.org


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  1. carol wood says:

    I just got the ‘Team Fairfax Insider’ and I am MAJORLY confused. I will have 37 years on 4/1 but am one of the ‘hybrid’ Health Dept employees. Will I be eligible for a longevity award of 4%? Needless to say when I hit my 25 year mark we werein one of the inumerable pay freezes we have his since I started with the County. Also how does my salary relate to the actual S scale as I now must contribute to VRS however the County is picking that up.
    Call me confused.
    (a member)

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