Deputy Sheriffs

IMG_6953 (1280x855)The Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Union chapter of SEIU Virginia 512 is a strong union of deputy sheriffs and civilian support staff in Fairfax County and Fairfax City.

The Fairfax Office of the Sheriff is the largest Sheriff’s office in Virginia, with employees working to provide security at the courts and in the adult detention center.

We work closely with Sheriff Stacey Kincaid to ensure the safety of all community members. 

The union members who serve on the Executive Board are:
Joseph Abbate, President
Open position, Vice President
Fadwa Numan, Treasurer
Josh King, Secretary

The union’s Constitution and Bylaws can be found here: Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs Union Constitution and Bylaws

For more information about the union and our efforts to win Quality Jobs and Quality Public Services, please contact the union by phone at 571-432-0209 or by e-mail at

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