Wishing You a Joyous and Just New Year!

The hard-working members of SEIU Virginia 512 wish you and your family a Happy Holidays and a Joyous and Just New Year!

2017 has been a challenging but hopeful year for Virginia’s working families. United together in our union, and in partnership with our allies, we worked to raise wages, expand health care coverage, promote retirement security and defend the rights of working people. We mobilized our communities to vote and on November 7, we elected champions for working families in an historic election.

We look forward to continuing to work together in 2018 to hold our new elected officials accountable to the promises they made to raise wages, lower health care costs and expand Medicaid, make our workplaces safer, expand voting rights, and more.

Here’s to a Joyous and Just New Year!

Happy Holidays2

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Union Members Rally for Good Jobs!

WebsiteSEIU Virginia 512 members are rallying for good jobs with living wages, quality healthcare and secure retirements, for union members and all working families.

In Fairfax County, union members are leading the fight to save retirement benefits from corporate-funded political attacks, to end bullying on the job, and to fully fund the pay plan for dedicated employees.

In Loudoun County, union members are securing raises, expanding leave donation rights and working with the Board to fund vital mental health services.

Union members across the commonwealth are working to build a Quality Home Care system by expanding care for older adults and people with disabilities, creating jobs, and fighting to end the 40-hour cap which hurts both providers and consumers.

Meanwhile, union members are leading the effort to Protect and Expand Health Care! We are joining with community partners to block Congress from eliminating healthcare for 22 million Americans, including 15 million children, older adults, people with disabilities and working people on Medicaid.

Join the fight for good jobs! If you’re not a member, we invite you to join the union. If you are a union member, we invite you to get more involved through the Member Action Teams. For more information, please call 571-432-0209 or e-mail

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Take Action to Save our Healthcare!

Union members are joining hospitals, faith leaders and community groups to call on Congress to protect our healthcare and Medicaid. The current healthcare repeal bill would kick millions of Americans off of Medicaid, and would cut hundreds of millions of dollars from state and local budgets, impacting county and state workers, as well as older adults, people with disabilities, their caregivers, and low-income Virginians.

Call Congress today at 866-426-2631 and tell them to stop the repeal bill and start over. We can’t afford for healthcare and Medicaid to be taken away from those who need it most.


IMG_8051 (1280x854)

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One Union, One Voice: United for a Fair Budget!

SEIU Virginia 512 members demand Quality Jobs and Quality Public Services NOW (570x336)Union members are coming together in the “One Union, One Voice” campaign to win fair budgets for our members, our families and our communities.

We believe that budgets are moral documents, which reflect the values of a community. That is why union members advocate for budgets at the local, state and federal level which invest in good jobs, strong communities and quality public services for all.

Union members are speaking out at lobby days, budget hearings and press conferences across the state. In January, we rallied in Richmond and met with our elected officials, including the Governor, about passing a state budget which supports working families.

In March, union members testified before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, urging them to pass a budget which fills vacancies, funds mental health services and rewards quality, front-line staff.

In April, union members will speak with one voice before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to win a fair budget which keeps the promises that the Board has made to the community. These promises include:

  • Funding vital mental health services
  • Investing in quality public services and education
  • Helping employees keep up with the cost of inflation

United together, we can win budgets which support working families and which lift up everyone in our community.

Join the “One Union, One Voice” campaign today to win a fair budget for your community!

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Meet Our Summer Interns!

IMG_2963This summer, SEIU Virginia 512 is employing four interns through the Educating Youth through Employment (EYE) program.

The EYE program connects young people with job opportunities in the community to help them gain the work experience they need to start their careers.

In Northern Virginia, the EYE program is run by SEIU Virginia 512 member Natalie Nguyen Woodruff. For her, this program is personal.

“When I was 16, I got my first job through a program like this. It gave me financial stability and opened a world of opportunity,” said Nguyen Woodruff. “Now, I want to give that same opportunity to these young people.”

Our summer interns are learning about the union, about county employees and home care providers, and they’re making a difference.

Now, you can learn more about them here:

Owen Conway plans to become a video game developer in the near future. This summer, he’s working with our Member Political Organizer team to help register voters, educate members about important issues and more. This program has helped Owen “learn how to work in an office environment.”

Aliymah Lyon hopes to own her own clothing line, write novels and be her own boss. “At the end of the day, though, I would like to help people with their problems through fashion and literature,” she says

Working at the union this summer has taught Aliymah to “always follow my dreams. Also, I’ve learned how important voting is, not only for myself, but for my son as well.”

Jeydi Osorto-Ayala wants to work with kids with disabilities when she grows up because “I love kids and I love helping people,” she says.

Working at the union this summer has taught her “how to work with people and… have lots of patience when helping others.”

Javon A. Price wants to have a career in law and “one day run for office and represent Virginia in the United State Senate.” Working at the union, Javon says, “I have learned not only what a union does for its members, but how it has a prodigious impact on society as a whole. Whether it’s the Fight for 15 or defending employees when they are in need.”

“These lessons will last a lifetime and I can’t thank you all enough,” adds Javon.

We thank our wonderful summer interns for their hard work, and we thank Natalie Nguyen Woodruff and her team for all they do for the next generation of working people.


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“Union Member Appreciation Week” Celebrates Contributions and Advocacy of Working People

IMG_2296Fairfax, VA – County Board Chairman Sharon Bulova joined SEIU Virginia 512 to launch “Union Member Appreciation Week” to celebrate the contributions that union members make to the community.

Union members are creating opportunities for working families across Virginia by delivering quality public services to local residents and by advocating for policies and budgets, which lift workers up.

Throughout the week, SEIU Virginia 512 hosted gatherings for union members to come together, celebrate our victories, and talk about the important role that unions play in our society.

SEIU Virginia 512 members also partnered with the NAACP to host an Economic + Racial Justice Movie Night, screening the documentary “At the River I Stand” and discussing solutions to the challenges we face in our communities to fight for a better world.

Local elected officials, including Chairman Bulova, Fairfax Supervisor John Cook, Delegate Paul Krizek and Fairfax Supervisor Kathy Smith, attended events to thank union members for the difference we make in the community.

To view photos from Union Member Appreciation Week, visit our flickr photo album at


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SEIU Virginia 512 Members are Making the State Budget Work for Working People — Join Us!

Budget 2 (580x390)On December 17, Governor McAuliffe announced his state budget proposal. The 2-year, $109 billion budget lays out the state’s priorities, which include critical investments in our public services, such as mental health, home care, quality education and secure retirements.

That’s why SEIU Virginia 512 members from across Virginia are mobilizing to advocate at the General Assembly for passage of a final budget, which invests in working families.

The Governor’s budget proposal includes:

  • Medicaid Expansion to provide healthcare for 400,000 hard-working, low-income Virginians and create 30,000 new jobs
  • Increased funding for mental health and county government health care services
  • A 2% raise for underpaid home care providers and funding for overtime pay
  • 955 new waiver slots to help older adults and people with disabilities access life-saving, cost-effective home care services
  • Funding for the Virginia Retirement System to keep the promises we’ve made to our dedicated public servants
  • $1 billion in additional funding for public education
  • And more!

These investments will make it easier for working families to provide for their children, see a doctor, pay their bills and live a better life.

Union members and allies’ advocacy helped make this happen. But we’re not there yet! The next step is for this budget to go to the legislators in the General Assembly, who will make changes to it.

Whether our legislators protect or take away these investments depends on whether you make your voice heard.

Sign up to come to Lobby Day and tell your legislators that you support Quality Jobs, Qualiy Care and Quality Public Services! Sign up by clicking on this link!

Lobby Day is your chance to speak with your legislators and their staff and tell them how important it is to invest in working families and to invest in our future.

With so much on the line, won’t you make your voice heard? Join your fellow union members and sign up today!

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Happy Thanksgiving from SEIU Virginia 512!

The women and men of SEIU Virginia 512 wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all the dedicated union members, allies, community members, elected officials and advocates who have come together to fight for economic and social justice for all families. United together this year, we have won living wages, protected vital public services and jobs, strengthened our communities and fought for justice! 

We hope that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family. Yet, we recognize and honor those union members and allies who are working this holiday in order to help others in the community. 

Wherever this holiday finds you, Happy Thanksgiving from our union family to your family!

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Union Members Get Out the Vote for Champions for Working Families

2015 Call to Action2 (580x348)Union members from across the Commonwealth came together on September 12 for SEIU Virginia 512’s 5th annual Call to Action. The event launched the union’s campaign to Get Out the Vote for candidates who will fight for working families.

Union members knocked doors and made phone calls in key districts in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Prince William and Loudoun. United together, we reached out to over 1,100 voters and had over 250 conversations about the importance of voting on November 3rd. 

“Taking political action with my union is important to me because my voice can be heard,” said Richmond member and Home Care provider Brenda Cosby. “United in the union, we can make real change.”

Candidates spoke about why they are running for office and why they are proud to have the union’s endorsement. “No one who works full time should struggle to provide for their family,” state Senate candidate Gary McCollum told the crowd in Hampton Roads.

All 140 members of the state legislature and many local elected officials, including Supervisors in Fairfax and Loudoun counties, face re-election this November. The results of the election will have a major impact on the quality of our jobs, schools, roads and public services. Whether or not the legislature raises the minimum wage, protects voting rights and ensures affordable healthcare for all Virginians depends on who we elect November 3.

With so much on the line, union members across Virginia will continue to knock doors and make phone calls to help inform our community and get out the vote.

Want to join your co-workers and make a difference? Sign up today to volunteer at

United together, we can elect champions for working families and make our Commonwealth a better place to live, work and play for all.

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SEIU Virginia 512 Members Help Champions for Working People Win Primary Elections

On June 9, SEIU Virginia 512 elected two amazing candidates: Steve Heretick for state Delegate and Penny Gross for Fairfax County Supervisor! Both candidates are champions for working people who have fought hard for our members.

This is a major win for working families! In Fairfax, Penny Gross worked with union leaders to craft a fair pay plan, and she fought to get it passed and funded. She beat a challenger who received nearly $100,000 from a pro-privatization, anti-union Super PAC (the largest contribution in Fairfax history). And in Portsmouth, Steve Heretick was an outspoken proponent of Medicaid Expansion, raising the minimum wage and quality jobs. He beat a 30-year incumbent who has voted against Medicaid Expansion and who has opposed paid sick days for home care workers.

Thanks to the hard work of members like you, we were able to throw Joannou out of office and elect a Pro-Medicaid Expansion, Pro-Home Care candidate like Steve Heretick! And we were able to elect a pro-employee candidate in Penny Gross, who has a proven track record of working with union members on important issues.

These elections were very close, which means we would not have won without the thousands of door-knocks and phone-calls and the hard work SEIU Virginia 512 members contributed.

And because of that hard work, candidates who care about our values and about working families will continue to the general elections.

But that means there’s more work to do! As the November elections approach, we’ll have to be very active in order to elect pro-working family candidates.

To prepare for the upcoming General Election season, union members will gather in Fairfax and Richmond in order to educate themselves, build new union leaders and have fun together on June 27 for Union 101.

Email if you can join us at the June 27 Union 101 to make sure working families’ voices continue to be heard!

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