We Are Building a Better Future for Virginia’s Working Families — Join Us Today!

VA 512 Front Page Graphic 2All workers, no matter where they are from or the color of their skin, deserve respect and a voice on the job. Fairfax and Loudoun County employees, and Home Care workers, have been working together to win good jobs and quality services for our community for over 10 years. We built our union, called SEIU Virginia 512, so we could use our strength in numbers to improve our pay and benefits and have a say in important decisions that affect our jobs. 

We clear roads, provide healthcare for the most vulnerable, we maintain our parks and natural resources, keep our air and water clean, care for young children, keep our libraries running, and much more. By joining together in our union, we have improved our pay, won paid family leave and protected our pensions.  Now we have a chance to lock in these gains by working together to win the ability to negotiate a contract with the county — through a process called collective bargaining — for better pay and benefits and to improve services for our communities. 

We need an organization that brings us together–white, Black and brown, no matter where we’re from–to win the things our families need so that everyone in our county can thrive. That is why county workers are uniting together to build power, demand a seat at the table, and win the right to negotiate with the county the changes we need to improve our jobs and our lives.

Let’s build power and win a voice for all county workers, together! Click here to become a member:

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Already a member? Spread the word and invite a colleague! By growing our union we’ll have the strength in numbers to make even bigger improvements in our jobs, our working conditions and the services we provide. 

Spead the word and share your story about why county workers deserve collective bargaining rights with the resources below:

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For more info, contact your union at info@seiuva.org or 571-432-0209

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