“We have an awesome union”: Why Union Membership is So Important During a Crisis

Now more than ever it’s critical that working people have a voice on the job so we can stay safe, take care of our families, and serve the community.

Here’s what workers are saying about why they are SEIU union members are saying about the need to have a union during the coronavirus crisis:

“I see how my coworkers, and me sometimes, are being treated and it gives me great comfort knowing that we have an awesome Union… This makes me want to be more involved with the union whatever way I can.”

Thank you for allowing me to provide feedback and I am thankful this union continues to fight for all its members.

“I think the gentle and not so gentle pushing by SEIU members over the past week has made our county leadership understand the issues of lower wage front line professionals. I’m glad we have a great union.”

It’s so important that the union gives us employees a platform to voice our concerns.

“All our joint efforts as nurses and union members has paid off. Late last night, [management] sent out an email saying that [we] would be able to telework. Such great news! Thank you again to all union members for helping support us and advocate for us.”

Brothers and Sisters: You are a powerful force for the members and I appreciate ALLLLLLLL of the work you do to advocate. Be safe and take care of yourselves.

Make your voice heard! Share your story with us at info@seiuva.org about why union membership matters during a crisis, and every day.

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