General Assembly Passes Historic Pro-Worker Legislation, Budget

Union members won historic victories in the 2020 General Assembly session, including:

  • Raising the minimum wage, with a path to $15 by 2026;
  • Collective bargaining rights for local public employees;
  • Prevailing wage laws, PLA reform, and anti-wage theft enforcement;
  • Sweeping voting rights form;
  • And so much more!

Union members also won passage of the most pro-Home Care budget in Virginia history, including:

  • 5% raises effective July, 2020, with an additional 2% raise effective July, 2021;
  • Repealing the 40-hour cap, and funding 16 hours/week of overtime;
  • EVV exemption for live-in caregivers;
  • Paid leave study;
  • Path to $15/hr by 2026!

These victories did not happen overnight. They are the result of years and years of hard work by union members to organize our communities, build our union, mobilize our members, educate elected officials, elect pro-worker majorities, and then hold those majorities accountable.

Congratulations to all the union members whose hard work made this possible!

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