Medicaid Starting New EVV System for Home Care Workers October 1

Effective October 1, 2019, all home care workers will be required to electronically check-in before the start of their shift, and also electronically check-out at the end of their shift. These electronic check-ins/check-outs must be done via an app on a smart phone OR through the use of a landline (i.e. traditional phone jacks at a home/location). The use of paper timesheets, websites, and cell phone calls to submit time will not be allowed. Each of the 3 fiscal agents that process time worked and issue payments to home care workers have different EVV apps. If you work for more than one consumer, and your consumers have different fiscal agents, you will need to use more than one app.

Attend a Training Near You to Learn More! The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) is holding town halls across the state on the new EVV systems from July 9 through August 9. Click here to see the list of town halls and to register.

NOTE: You must register in order to attend a town hall. Your union strongly encourages you to attend a town hall to learn more. In addition, your union will be holding our own series of trainings to make sure everyone is prepared.

This is a BIG Change: Read More About EVVTo learn more about the EVV system, please visit the Department of Medical Assistance Services website at To see the full list of town halls – and to register for a town hall near you — click on this link: EVV Town halls.

Lastly, if you have any questions about the town halls, you can e-mail: This will be a major change to our home care system, which impacts our ability to be paid, and the ability of our loved ones to get care. Please read up on these changes, and contact your union at 571-432-0209 with any questions.

Add Your Name in Support of the Home Care Bill of Rights! Now more than ever, we must pass a Home Care Bill of Rights so that home care providers and consumers have a real voice in how our system works. Over 300 Virginians have signed on in support. Join them! Click here to show your support for the Home Care Bill of Rights!


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