2018: Our Most Successful Year Yet!

Website - Thank youThank you to all our union members, friends, family and allies! By uniting together in our union and by advocating together in our community, we have made 2018 our most successful year yet.

United together, we have won real raises for Fairfax County employees, Loudoun County employees and Home Care providers.

United together, we have protected and expanded retirement security for working people.

United together, we have defended our rights on the job, advanced workplace anti-bullying policies, won back pay, and helped our members recover from medical events.

United together, we won Medicaid Expansion so that up to 400,000 Virginians can finally earn health care, while ensuring that our frontline healthcare workers have the resources we need to help our community.

All of these historic victories are possible because union and community members came together to hold our elected officials accountable and to advocate for a brighter future for all people.

Thank you. We can’t wait to see what you do next!


David Broder, President of SEIU Virginia 512

Kaen Conchar, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Virginia 512

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