One Union, One Voice: United for a Fair Budget!

SEIU Virginia 512 members demand Quality Jobs and Quality Public Services NOW (570x336)Union members are coming together in the “One Union, One Voice” campaign to win fair budgets for our members, our families and our communities.

We believe that budgets are moral documents, which reflect the values of a community. That is why union members advocate for budgets at the local, state and federal level which invest in good jobs, strong communities and quality public services for all.

Union members are speaking out at lobby days, budget hearings and press conferences across the state. In January, we rallied in Richmond and met with our elected officials, including the Governor, about passing a state budget which supports working families.

In March, union members testified before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, urging them to pass a budget which fills vacancies, funds mental health services and rewards quality, front-line staff.

In April, union members will speak with one voice before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to win a fair budget which keeps the promises that the Board has made to the community. These promises include:

  • Funding vital mental health services
  • Investing in quality public services and education
  • Helping employees keep up with the cost of inflation

United together, we can win budgets which support working families and which lift up everyone in our community.

Join the “One Union, One Voice” campaign today to win a fair budget for your community!

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