SEIU Virginia 512 Members Help Champions for Working People Win Primary Elections

On June 9, SEIU Virginia 512 elected two amazing candidates: Steve Heretick for state Delegate and Penny Gross for Fairfax County Supervisor! Both candidates are champions for working people who have fought hard for our members.

This is a major win for working families! In Fairfax, Penny Gross worked with union leaders to craft a fair pay plan, and she fought to get it passed and funded. She beat a challenger who received nearly $100,000 from a pro-privatization, anti-union Super PAC (the largest contribution in Fairfax history). And in Portsmouth, Steve Heretick was an outspoken proponent of Medicaid Expansion, raising the minimum wage and quality jobs. He beat a 30-year incumbent who has voted against Medicaid Expansion and who has opposed paid sick days for home care workers.

Thanks to the hard work of members like you, we were able to throw Joannou out of office and elect a Pro-Medicaid Expansion, Pro-Home Care candidate like Steve Heretick! And we were able to elect a pro-employee candidate in Penny Gross, who has a proven track record of working with union members on important issues.

These elections were very close, which means we would not have won without the thousands of door-knocks and phone-calls and the hard work SEIU Virginia 512 members contributed.

And because of that hard work, candidates who care about our values and about working families will continue to the general elections.

But that means there’s more work to do! As the November elections approach, we’ll have to be very active in order to elect pro-working family candidates.

To prepare for the upcoming General Election season, union members will gather in Fairfax and Richmond in order to educate themselves, build new union leaders and have fun together on June 27 for Union 101.

Email if you can join us at the June 27 Union 101 to make sure working families’ voices continue to be heard!

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