Fairfax: We Stood United for a Fair Budget

2015BHdannyOn April 8, almost 100 SEIU Virginia 512 members continued our fight for a fair county budget in Fairfax. We stood before the Board of Supervisors at the Public Budget Hearing and spoke out on three key issues.

First, the proposed budget fails to fully fund the Market Rate Adjustment. The union-won pay plan only works if the Board of Supervisors fully funds it each year. We asked the board to fund the entire MRA and continue working with members to make sure that the pay plan is always funded.

Second, the proposed budget cuts positions and funding from vital services across the county. We asked the Board to restore these cuts and ensure county employees can continue to provide quality public services to Fairfax County residents.

Third, the proposed budget makes significant cuts to the Office of Elections that will harm Fairfax County residents’ ability to cast their votes. It would cut early absentee voting hours in half and significantly reduce the number of training hours for poll workers. We asked the Board to restore thes cuts to ensure every resident can have a fair chance to vote.

After our presentation, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova said the board is looking closely at ways to fully fund the MRA. And Vice-Charman Penny Gross thanked union members, particularly President Joe Wilhelm, for the hard work it took to creating and implementing the general county employee’s new pay plan.

This is great news, but we still have to work together to make sure that the Board follows through. They will adopt the final budget on April 28. Between now and then, we have to make sure they make the right decisions.

Get involved now to make sure they do!

Ask fellow coworkers to join you as a member, set up meetings at your worksite and stay informed! Let’s show the Board we’re not finished yet.

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