We Made our Voices Heard at Lobby Day!

From across Virginia, more than 100 SEIU Virginia 512 members and allies united in Richmond for 2015’s Lobby Day and Dinner. The two-day gathering gave us an opportunity to meet and learn from each other, celebrate our union and lobby our elected officials to make our voices heard.

“We made a strong showing and excelled at putting a face on the issues,” Home Care member Sam Haskins said

On Monday, we attended training sessions where we learned how the General Assembly works, educated each other on SEIU Virginia 512’s legislative priorities and practiced telling our personal stories.

“I loved the way that we were briefed on what to expect [at the General Assembly]. Moving forward, I want to flood their offices with letters and phone calls, all year long,” Home Care member Joseph Chamberlain said. 

Monday evening, we gathered for a dinner to prepare as teams for successful lobby visits, and we took the opportunity to celebrate the re-election of SEIU Virginia 512 President David Broder and Secretary-Treasurer Karen Conchar.

On Tuesday, we hit the halls of the General Assembly, educating legislators about our priorities and sharing our stories so these elected officials could put faces to the big decisions they make.

“We were very productive talking to the delegates and their staff. They listened to our concerns and were engaged.” Fairfax member Yvonne Wallace  said.

After our lobby visits, we were joined by Governor Terry McAuliffe at lunch to discuss how we can work together to win Medicaid Expansion in Virginia, as well as the need for quality jobs for all Virginians.

Check out photos of the event on SEIU Virginia 512’s Facebook page.

We’d also like to recognize the great work of our Lobby Day Planning Committee. The following members worked together to plan and prepare for the event:
Shana Boston Allen
Charles Carter
Lauralyn Clark
Lindsey Dawson
Cassandra Shaw
Thomasine Wilson
Tammie Wondong Ware

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