Union Members Make Our Voices Heard at the State Capitol

Every January and February, our elected officials meet in Richmond at the General Assembly to write a state budget, debate and pass laws and set priorities for Virginia. The decisions they make impact our job’s pay and benefits, the services we provide, the schools our kids go through, the roads we drive on, and more.

Every day, lobbyists representing big business interests are at the General Assembly to influence the budget-writing and law-making process.

But who’s representing your interests?

That’s why each year, union members travel to the capital to join our Lobby Team and become “Lobbyists for a Day.” These brave members volunteer to be the voice of all working people across the state.

This past week, four union members from across the Commonwealth participated in the Lobbyist-for-a-Day program: Tammie Wondong, a Fairfax County employee from Prince William; Florine Wheeler, a home care provider from Petersburg; and Mary and Amy McFarland, a home care provider and consumer from Winchester.

All four members met with their legislators — elected officials from both parties — and advocated for bills and laws that would benefit Virginia working families.

“I wanted a chance to tell my story and meet with my Senator and Delegate,” said Wheeler. “I wanted to let them know the issues that I care about, such as Medicaid Expansion, which would give 400,000 people health care.”

“I really enjoyed my day at the General Assembly. I got to meet with Senator Marsh, and I presented him with postcards [that I collected from the community] supporting Medicaid Expansion.”

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