We must protect our budget priorities!

Many SEIU Virginia 512 legislative priorities  made it into the budget the Senate approved last week.
Senator Barbara Favola’s budget amendment to create a pilot dual enrollment program in Northern Virginia is fully funded in this budget, which is a first step for making higher education more affordable to working families.
Home Care providers would get a 2% raise in the second year of the budget, on July 1st, 2015 if this version of the budget were to pass. The Senate budget also contains language calling for a study of the pay and benefits of home care providers. The study would be completed by October of 2014 and could be used to make the case for more pay increases and benefits in future years.
Medicaid Expansion is in the Senate budget as “Marketplace Virginia.” This would create a health care exchange for those individuals below 138% of the poverty line.
None of these priorities appear in the House version of the budget. The Senate and the House appointed members to a conference committee, whose job it is to work out the differences between the two budgets. We must keep working to make sure the final version of the budget contains all of these items!
Call your legislators today and tell them to protect our priorities in the budget. Don’t know who your legislators are? You can look them up here.

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