A Virginia Budget Must Include Medicaid Expansion!

On Thursday, the state Senate and state House passed different budgets, setting up an important debate over whether or not Virginia will use Medicaid Expansion funds to create jobs, save $5 million per day and ensure healthcare for working families.

The Senate and the House appointed members to a conference committee, whose job it is to work out the differences between the two budgets. The General Assembly is scheduled to break on March 8. However, many observers believe that the conference committee will not finish their work by then.

Medicaid Expansion will save Virginia taxpayers over $1 Billion over the next ten years, it will create 30,000 jobs and it will ensure that hard-working Virginians get access to the health insurance they need. A broad, bi-partisan coalition is calling on the General Assembly to pass Medicaid Expansion. That coalition includes local government, faith leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, labor groups, hospitals, members of both political parties and so many more.

Call your legislators today. Tell them: “The state budget must include Medicaid Expansion!” Don’t know who your legislators are? You can look them up here.

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