Union Members Become Lobbyists-for-a-Day!

Every January and February, our elected officials meet in Richmond at the General Assembly to write a state budget, debate and pass laws and set priorities for Virginia. The decisions they make impact our job’s pay and benefits, the services we provide, the schools our kids go through, the roads we drive on, and more.
Every day, lobbyists representing big business interests are at the General Assembly to influence the budget-writing and law-making process.
But who’s representing your interests?
To make sure that your interests are represented, SEIU Virginia 512 member Thomasine Wilson and Political Coordinator Julie Emery are at the General Assembly every day, educating legislators and pushing for budgets and laws that will benefit Virginia’s working people.
This week, SEIU Virginia 512 member and retired home care provider Charles “Coach” Carter joined Thomasine and Julie at the General Assembly as part of the union’s “Lobbyist for a Day” program. The program brings hard-working union members to the state capital to share their stories with their elected officials and make sure that the voices of working people are being heard.
“This was a great program, which gave me a chance to see the inner workings of the General Assembly,” said Carter. “My main concern right now is Medicaid Expansion, so that everyone in Virginia has the healthcare they need to live.”
Carter met with his own legislators, sat in on committee hearings and advocated for policies that would benefit working families. He strongly recommends that other union members sign up for the Lobbyist-for-a-Day Program. “It was an eye-opening experience to see… If union members have the time, they should definitely do it to see [the General Assembly] for themselves.”
To sign up for the union’s Lobbyist for a Day Program, please contact Thomasine WIlson at info@seiuva.org

2 Responses to “Union Members Become Lobbyists-for-a-Day!”

  1. Ken Myers says:

    I would love to be a part of this! I am passionate about many issues concerning fair pay, stagnant wages, quality of life for all, strengthening the broken mental health system in our state. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to represent our union members and the people of our state.
    Ken Myers, LCSW

  2. vernon kincheloe says:

    I would love to be apart of this event Union Members Become Lobbyists For a Day! just to be able to voice and see how the process works maybe be able to educate our law makers to understand how and when both parties can work together for the common good of all our brothers and sisters. Together we stand divided we fall.

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